Our Services

Group Training

Enjoy working out with like-minded people?  The Group Training sessions will help improve your running and overall fitness through targeted training runs and workouts for the areas many runners tend to neglect (as we're too busy running!) such as; functional strength, flexibility, motor skills and muscular endurance.

The workouts incorporate a mix of body weight exercises, a variety of equipment and use of the landscape around us.  They'll have you running, pushing, pulling, jumping, skipping, holding, lifting and throwing.


Working individually, in pairs and as a group they'll test your; balance, agility, coordination, reaction time, speed and power, whilst developing your overall movement patterns.


The runs vary from easy paced, low-to-moderate intensity runs, to build your aerobic fitness, to higher intensity interval runs that will challenge your pace and build strength endurance.

The runs are also an opportunity to focus on technique and quiz me on any training-related questions you might have.

The routes will vary, mostly getting off the roads and pavements, to explore the natural beauty of the outdoors around East Linton.

Regular attendance of these Group Training sessions will not only improve your overall fitness and strength, but condition you to be more resilient; helping avoid overuse injuries to enjoy more of the sport you love.

All Group Sessions are included within the membership options or you are most welcome to pay per session.


Personal Training

Got a goal you want to achieve in running?  Move up a distance?  Beat a PB?  Train for a specific race?  Or simply gain more enjoyment from running?

Or perhaps you want to gain more strength?  Improve your mobility, flexibility and movement?  Or maybe your goal is to lose weight and achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle overall?


Working with a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your goal whatever it is.

That's why PT is at the heart of RUN3SIXTY, and makes us unique.  Memberships are available including a starter bundle of 2 x PT sessions in addition to accessing all the Group Training sessions and more.

Following an initial consultation a tailored plan will be devised to safely and effectively move you towards your goals.

We'll also cover healthy eating advice, and the nutritional + hydration requirements to support your new training programme.

Non-members can also access Personal Training on a PAYG basis.  Individual sessions and saver bundles of 12 sessions are available.

We can either work on a 121 basis, or with a partner if you prefer.

3SIXTY Training

3SIXTY Training is the best of both worlds.  It's a guided run combined with a unique Strength & Conditioning workout coaching you through the perfect technique.

The run will guide you along a 5-6 mile route exploring the best of the surrounding countryside.  Across varied terrain you'll discover routes and places you never knew existed.

Before, during and after the run you'll be coached through the unique 3SIXTY workout format.  Repeatedly targeting specific muscle groups and employing different types of movement patterns you'll not only improve your muscular strength and endurance but your motor skills too.

These training sessions can work on a 121 basis, or with a partner.

Book individual sessions or make a saving by committing to a bundle of 4 sessions.


Lactate Testing

If you're using a HR monitor, having accurate measures of both your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds enables you to train at the right intensity and get the most out of each training run.

That's why we offer blood lactate testing; an accurate and reliable method that is far cheaper than expensive gas exchange lab tests.

This testing is mostly for those looking to take performance to the next level.  Establishing your own body's metabolic response to exercise is essential if you want the best training plan and to adapt workouts accordingly as your fitness improves.


  Single tests or bundles of 4 are available.