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Euan Ross, Personal Trainer, ultra runne

About me

Euan Ross, Cumbria Way Ultra 2018

Just like you, I'm trying to keep many balls in the air; I have a family, run a business, coach & train other runners and I run too (a lot!). Perhaps like you too (as the sport attracts us!) I'm a touch over 50. So I know what it's like and how difficult it is to juggle family, career and keep fit.  I know what it's like, and how to keep an ageing (and failing!) body strong, healthy and active. And I know I can help you. ​When talking to people about running (as I often do, sorry!), there's a common spectrum of responses I hear; 'Oh, I just can't run', 'I run, but don't really enjoy it', 'I've had to stop running because of injury', 'I'm running lots but not getting any faster', 'I'm not progressing in races as I'd like to'. ​That saddens me because I love the sport and I know it can be different.  Everyone can run, it can be fun and enjoyable, and everyone can improve!  In fact, I love running so much it's why I set up RUN3SIXTY. I wanted to help change those 'I can'ts', 'I don'ts' and 'I'm not's' into 'I can's', 'I do's' and 'I am's' by sharing my passion, knowledge and holistic approach to running the trails.


Euan Ross, Devil o' the Highlands 2018

So I'm passionate about running and helping others achieve their goals, qualified to train you and like many runners I came to the sport later in life. You know, hitting middle age and thinking...I should probably start to look after myself! I took up running as I was approaching the big 4, 0 (sound familiar) and the bug bit me...hard.  In that time I've progressed from the local 10k Traprain Law hill race, through half and full marathon distances to ultimately focusing on ultramarathons.  In the process I've accumulated a fair bit of experience, had good performances and bad (and learned from those!).  The journey continues...

-2/65, 21:45, 96mi West Highland Way Challenge Race 2023 -DNF, UTMB Mont-Blanc 2022 -271/941, 42:48, 100mi UTMB Val d'Aran 2021 -2/79, 24:28, 104mi Jurassic Coast Ultra 2019 -98/725, 09:56, 53mi Highland Fling 2019 -34/270, 04:21, 31mi John Muir Way Ultra 2019 -31/122, 18:15, 73mi Cumbria Way Ultra 2018 -43/288, 07:26, 42mi Devil o' the Highlands 2018 -11/98, 06:03, 37mi Foxtrail Nocturnal Ultra 2017 -194/679, 10:47, 53mi Highland Fling 2017

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