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About me

Euan Ross, Cumbria Way Ultra 2018

I love running.  It's a buzz.  It's great for your body and mind.  It opens up the world around you.  Taking you into beautiful parts of the countryside surrounded by the sights, sounds and scents of nature, with adventures ensured on every trail.  It provides a profound sense of freedom.  And committing to structured, progressive training quickly rewards you with noticeable changes to your physique, fitness and performance.  Oh and there's so much great kit and tech out there you can spend your hard-earned money on too.  What's not to love!

In fact, I love running so much I decided to gain qualifications as a Personal Trainer.  Firstly, to further my knowledge, develop my training practice and improve my own performance.  And secondly, because when talking to people about running (as I often do, sorry!), I commonly heard 3 things; 'I run, but don't really enjoy it', 'I've had to stop running because of injury' and 'I'm running lots but not getting any faster'.  I wanted to help change that by sharing my passion and approach to running the trails and training in the natural landscapes around us.


Euan Ross, Devil o' the Highlands 2018

So I'm passionate about running and the outdoors, and qualified to train you, but I've also got a fair bit of experience too.  I took up running 10 years ago and the bug bit me...hard.  In that time I've progressed from the local 10k Traprain Law hill race, through half and full marathon distances to focusing on Ultras including; Devil o' the Highlands, Highland Fling, Cumbria Way Ultra, and achieving a PB 2nd place in the 100 mile Jurassic Coast Ultra in June 2019.  Most recently I ventured across to the Pyrenees for 100mi and 10600m of climbing at the Val d'Aran by UTMB VDA race in July 2021.  Currently training for the UTMB Mont Blanc in August 2022.

I demand a lot of myself to achieve my goals.  I'm dedicated, determined and disciplined in my training and apply the same principles to progressing my clients to enable them to achieve their goals too.  In return I expect the same level of commitment from my clients.  Together we can achieve great things.  Let's start training.