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The natural world

We're passionate about the natural world

As trail runners we share a passion for the landscapes we are lucky enough to be able to explore through our sport and we appreciate the transformational experiences nature awakens in all of our senses.  Whether that's; the fluidity of cloud formations, hill top reflections in glass-like still lochs, the twisted branches of a 400 year old tree, the ever-shifting palette of colour, light and shadow, the soaring flight of a bird or graceful escape of a startled deer, the crunch of frost under foot, the faint trickle of an unseen stream, the scent of pine trees or rain on dry earth, the feel of a storm force wind or the rising sun's warmth on our face.  We appreciate it all.

Running Outdoors

We play a part in protecting and preserving it

As trail runners we also share several values; fair play, equality, humility and above all respect.  Respect for ourselves, others and the environment.  Mutual respect for the environment and its preservation, not only for trail runners of the future to enjoy, but for everyone.  Therefore in all of our running and daily activities we should aim to minimise the environmental impact and leave little trace of our passage.  We know we can all play a part in protecting the natural world, but we know we can all do more.  As such RUN3SIXTY has signed up to the and encourages you to do they same.

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