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What we do

Based in East Linton, East Lothian, RUN3SIXTY is a new kind of running group.  A group that takes a holistic approach to improving your running.  Through outdoor Group Training sessions, it devotes as much attention to your functional strength, muscular endurance and core stability as it does to your running.  It aims to develop your motor skills not just your running pace.  And offers a Personal Training service to enable you to get the most out of your fitness and running goals.  Ultimately it's a group that will make you a more durable, knowledgeable and stronger runner.

Run safely with a group of like-minded runners

What we do

Whether you are new to the sport, just love running as a means to keep fit or regularly compete in distances from 5K to 100 miles (and beyond!), I'd like to think this running group is for you.  If you enjoy training and running with like-minded individuals the weekly outdoor Group Training sessions are for you.  With options for all levels of fitness and ability, they incorporate workouts to develop your muscular strength and endurance, your; balance, agility, coordination, speed, reaction time, power and flexibility.  Whilst the group runs into the countryside allow you to run safely and develop your aerobic capacity, speed and muscular endurance with a mix of continuous easy-paced and higher intensity interval based workouts.


Outdoor Group Training for all levels

The outdoor Group Training sessions combine a strength & conditioning workout and a run to maximise your fitness and use of time.  Click below to see the latest training schedule.

And for those with specific goals in mind, the Personal Training service will help you meet them.  Whether that's a PB at your favourite distance, stepping up to a new distance, training for a future race event or just for improved general health and fitness.