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Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser.  They are typically used to keep track of the settings users have selected and actions they have taken on a site.  We use cookies for many important reasons, such as:

  • To provide a great experience and services for visitors and members

  • To identify registered members

  • To enable members to book/cancel services, receive email updates and notifications

  • To monitor and analyse the performance, operation and effectiveness of the site

  • To ensure our site is secure and safe to use


Cookies we use

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are generally used to store a unique identifier to manage and identify you as unique to other users currently viewing the website, in order to provide you with a consistent and accurate service.  Cookies will; force the server to display the non-mobile version when viewing a mobile site (old mobile under and avoid redirecting to the mobile site, provide security and identify logged in site members.


Functionality cookies

These cookies will typically be the result of something you do.  They help us; identify unique visitors and track a visitor’s sessions on site, indicate how the site was rendered, identify logged-in members, and provide 3rd party security.


Performance cookies

These cookies are used for performance, error management and to improve the website.  For web analytics we use Google Analytics.


Targeting or advertising cookies

We use Sitebooster, Google Adwords and Facebook to promote our services and products and serve internet ads.  We also use certain information to; identify new visitors to our website, recognise returning visitors and analyse the effectiveness of our advertisements and email campaigns.


How to see individual cookies and withdraw consent to cookies and similar technologies

Cookies change, and their names and descriptions are not very user-friendly, so they are not listed here individually.  If you want to see the cookies currently used on our website, they should be visible through your browser (links below for instructions).  To give or withdraw consent to cookies, please adjust your browser settings.


Manufacturers upgrade their browsers frequently.  Therefore the best way to get the right instructions is to go to the manufacturer's support page.  The following are correct as at November 2019:


Further information

To find out more about cookies good sources of information are; and


See how Google uses your data here;

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