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Online Coaching

Euan Ross (Right), Peter Livingstone (Centre), Jamie Davidson (Left), winning the Dunoon Ultra Relay 2018

Your coaching plan is developed around you and your specific needs. It can be short or long term.  For a specific race and general running improvement.  It starts by developing a full picture of your running history, fitness levels, time constraints and goals in order to build a long term plan that is right for you and fits into your life.  From there, and through constant dialogue, the weekly plans and individual workouts are flexed and adapted to take account of progress, recovery and everything life throws at you!

What you get

Questionnaire to explore running history, fitness, time constraints, goals
Analysis of historical running data/training (when available)
Long view outline plan with detailed plans provided weekly
Weekly feedback on workouts, performance and recovery status
Unlimited adjustments to plans and workouts
Unlimited access to coach for advice by email/text
Guidance on effort by workout; HR and/or RPE
Fuelling/hydration advice
Race day strategies incl. pacing, fuelling and hydration

Contact me to discuss your specific needs

Custom Training Plan

Custom Training Plan

12 week plan

Self directed race training

If you're confident you can guide and stick to your own training, and just want a plan personalised to you rather than an off-the-shelf plan, this could be for you.  You will receive 12 detailed weekly plans at the beginning of the training block, personalised based on your; fitness level, goals and time constraints.  However after you've received your plans it’s up to you to commit and follow through on them.  You'll also need to pay close attention to your recovery and course correct where necessary.  It you struggle with motivation, are unsure how you might respond to missing workouts/weekly targets, injury and poor recovery or you need detailed, specific coaching and feedback on performance you’d be better off with the coached training option above.

What you get

Online questionnaire exploring history, time constraints, goals
Training notes for each week
12 detailed weekly plans including; workouts, duration, vert


Single payment




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