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Cloudy Mountain

Experience the transformational power of trail running

Transform your mind, body and worldview

Running and training for all levels

Run and train with others in East Lothian.  Join us for; 5k to 10k trail runs, speedwork and strength training.

Take your fitness to new heights with a membership

1wk free trial

Group Plus

Running plays a wider role in keeping me fit, but I also want to work on my overall fitness & strength


I love running, keeping up with strength work and would like a training plan towards a specific race


I run, eat, sleep, repeat and require a training plan to optimise my race preparation across a full year of events


I want to run with a group of like-minded trail runners

*Available on limited sessions only

Focus on your goals with a coach

Online Coaching

Tailored to your needs and around your fitness, running history and lifestyle to fully prep you for whatever race or running goals you have.

Custom Training Plan

A bespoke 12 week training plan for those needing guidance on structured training and have the motivation to see it through on their own. 

Short reads

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