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12 signs you might just be addicted to running

Welcome to RUN3SIXTY's first post! And if you've arrived here I'm guessing, like me, you already know you're addicted to running. But let's just check, shall we?

  1. You're increasingly spending more time running than with family and friends

  2. You start suggesting holidays you might take, just because there's a great marathon you could enter while you were there

  3. There are more pairs of dirty, smelly trainers accumulating around the entrance and exit to your house, and you're wearing them out at an alarming rate

  4. Torrential rain, strong winds, -15, +32 degrees Celsius, snowing; you don't even bat an eyelid, you're still going for that run

  5. You keep signing up for races, each one further or more extreme than the last one

  6. You're obsessed with data; how far; how fast; vertical climbed; cadence; ground contact time; average, max and recovery heart rates; time in HR zones; improvements over time. And of course you've got a spreadsheet for that

  7. Powders, gels and electrolyte tablets have all become your new source of energy and hydration

  8. If you're injured it's basically the end of the world as far as you're concerned and you'll tell everyone and anyone who'll listen all about it

  9. The washing machine never stops, refreshing load after load of sweat-sodden gear

  10. You're spending your children's inheritance on the latest running watch, shoes, clothes, backpacks, hydration systems, waterproofs, head torches, all those powders and tablets, race entry fees, travel and accommodation, physio, the list goes on...

  11. You pursue a Personal Training qualification and launch a new kind of running club just so you can; increase your knowledge, perform better and support others through their addiction to running!

  12. But you just LOVE IT

Sound like you? If so, you'll be in great company joining our running club. Hopefully we can start training together soon.



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